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Each year, the most academically accomplished Pop Warner kids compete for Academic All-American status. This process begins at the association level and up through each of the eight Pop Warner regions to the national level. In 2015, over 400,000 kids participated in Pop Warner. As our numbers once again reached record levels, 280+ First Team members, over 5,000 Second Team members and 2,000+ Honorable Mention scholars were named as Academic All-Americans at the National Level for 20014-2015. The PWLS All-American Program requires a minimum 96% grade point average to apply for All-American status. After the applications have been processed, Pop Warner determines National First Team All-Americans (35 football, 35 cheer per grade), National Second Team All-Americans and National Honorable Mention Scholars.


  • A final score is calculated for each student that consists of up to 100 points (85%) for the student’s grades for the prior school year, along with up to 18 points (15%) awarded for the attached Addendum sheet of activities and achievements.
  • Once the scores have been calculated, First Team All-Americans are selected. The top 35 football players and 25 cheerleaders per grade (plus ties) are selected as National First Team All-Americans.
  • Second Team All-Americans are then determined by Pop Warner based upon the number of applications that were submitted for that year. Last year’s total was approximately 3,800 Second Team All-Americans


Pop Warner will announce its annual Scholar All-Americans each year by April 1st. Each scholar will receive an informational packet in the mail by the end of April that includes:

  • Congratulatory letter from Pop Warner indicating their scholastic accomplishment.
  • Certificate of achievement for National All-Americans.
  • Information regarding the Pop Warner National All-American Banquet.


The following players and cheerleaders are outstanding students and have been recognized for their academic achievements by various levels of Pop Warner! We are so proud of our Hawks!


(Selected out of over 8,000 applicants!)

1st TEAM ALL-AMERICAN (35 students selected from each grade nationally) — RYAN THORNTON

2nd TEAM ALL-AMERICAN:  Aiden Bullington, Emily Coad, Hailey Coad, Paige Cintron, Jayden Curry, Guy Grace, Isabella Hamilton, Shawn Lucia, Hannah Matson, Grant McColl, Jaden Monser, McKenna Mullholland, Cameron Nickols, Connor Spelman, Elizabeth Williams 


Cheer:  Emily Coad, Hailey Coad, Paige Cintron, Ashley Fleming, Alexa Gillette, Isabella Hamilton, McKenna Mullholland

Football:  Aiden Bullington, Jaylen Curry, Connor Spelman, Ryan Thornton


Check out the Pop Warner Scholar FAQs for questions and answers regarding the Pop Warner scholastic program as well as the National Scholar Banquet.